It’s a book.  A film.  I read and watched both as junior in high school and fell in love with the story, even though it is a brutal one.  I also fell in love with the film score, composed by James Newton Howard.  My closest friend at the time (who couldn’t fathom my love for it, and often grew tired of my exclamations over it) gifted me with a VHS tape of the movie, and I watched and watched until I wore it out.  It was only a few years ago, in fact, that it finally became unwatchable, the tape getting caught in the player, with me pulling to get it out, tearful as the tape unwound from its case.  I know I can get a DVD, but that tape was a friend for so many years, and whatever copy takes its place will be just that…a copy.

A man who bottled up his family’s past and works to save his poet sister who is tormented by it…all with the aid of a NY psychiatrist he is initially wary of.  Skeletons in closets.  Marriages in disarray.  Pain buried and simultaneously ever-present.  North and South.  A beautiful film score that has comforted me just as much over the years as that original VHS tape.

Here are some clips from the film…mostly the music.  The opening, the lyrics that Streisand put to the theme, the trailer….What a film.  Perhaps I’ll purchase that DVD now.  I’m long overdue for a watch.



…There are quiet places in my heart
Ever since we’ve parted

Gentle, tender
Traces of a song
Places that belong to you.”






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