Flower arranging is an art, and it’s one that I have no skill at.  Which is why I appreciate those who do so very much–especially when it comes to mother’s day.  It’s not very imaginative as gifts go, but every mother’s day I get my mother flowers, and for the past couple of years I’ve ordered them from the best florist around.  Certainly more artist than the functional ‘florist’ allows for.

I picked up the arrangement hours before I was to see my mother, so had to find a spot for safe-keeping:  my two cats were incredibly curious, particularly Emmet who cried and cried when I placed the flowers out of his reach.  It was the bookcase that ended up being the perfect safe spot.

What a gorgeous variety of colors and shapes arranged in a beautiful champagne bowl.  It’s always nice to have something permanent to remember the initial shower of blooms….