It’s ages ago now, but my 9 days in Barcelona wandering with my newly-purchased Nikon D60 was absolute heaven:

The food.

Lazing away the morning on one of the many beaches that dot its stretch of coastline.

Being entertained by the street performers on Las Ramblas.

The architecture.

Forget that my high school Spanish didn’t help me a jot and I got kicked off a bus late at night at least 7 blocks from where I was supposed to be…I had traveled to the end of that bus’ line apparently but didn’t realize it and because of the language barrier I had to find my very hard way back to the guest house. Thank goodness I had an old-fashioned map and my wits about me to note landmarks and such.

I’d like to think my photography skills have improved since that trip. The quality of the slideshow is a bit iffy since it’s a link vs the actual file. No idea where the original file is anymore.

Music… Non Sara by Mario Frangoulis, and Time to Say Goodbye by Chris Botti

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