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“This view of human embodiment put forward by Husserl and developed by Merleau-Ponty sees the body as an intelligent, planning, and goal-oriented entity.  The body is not a passive material structure waiting for mental commands, but is actively engaged in meaningful intelligent interaction with the environment.  Through its directedness the body executes actions that are…

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Yesterday was Remicade day.  Remicade day comes once per month.  Every four weeks I sit in a recliner in the hospital’s chemotherapy suite while the fluorescent lights overhead shine through a $10K bag of anti-TNF that flows down through plastic tubing and into the catheter that the nurse has inserted into one of my veins.…

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“The social science model of writing, in effect, requires researchers to suppress the story of their own research, the human processes through which the work was constituted over time….Narrative is the best way to understand the human experience, because it is the way humans understand their own lives….If we wish to understand the deepest and…

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